How to Clear Your Cache

Is something not looking correct on the website?

The software we use has a bad habit (maybe operator error) of using the same file names for photos, even if the photos change. Sometimes, your computer sees the name of the file and uses a file it has saved in it's Cache instead of downloading the correct one. While this speeds up page loading, it can lead to errors in the webpage (for example, incorrect captions on images in the Layout Tour galleries). To fix this, simply have your web browser clear its Cache and then reload the San Jac website. Without files in your Cache, your computer will load everything fresh and you will be able to see the updated pages.

Note: You only need to clear 'Cached images and files', not browsing history, cookies, etc. Clear those other items on your own whim as items such as cookies do hold data such as auto login to websites, auto fill website passwords, saved website shopping cart items, etc.

How to Clear Cache - Google Chrome
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